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It's Up to You

Ready to Eat

Item Description Price
Mussel & Scallop Chowder

served w/ house wild rice bread

Local Beet & Dill Soup 🍃

vegan, gluten free

served w/ house wild rice bread

House Salad 🍃

Organic greens, julienne vegetables & Calories’ croutons w/ choice of house dressing


California Club Sandwich

Smoked turkey, tomato, bacon, avocado, onion & lime jalapeño mayo on Calories’ wild rice bread

Vegetarian Sandwich 🍃

Organic SK chickpea hummus, cucumber, tomato, onion, avocado & peppers on Calories’ wild rice bread


Cornbread crusted Ocean Wise prawns, ‘Our Farm YXE’ radicchio slaw, preserved lemon & roasted jalapeno aioli

FEATURE SANDWICH - Smoked Local Pork Loin

House smoked ‘Cool Springs Ranch’ pork, aged cheddar, local tomato & heritage greens w/ roasted red pepper aioli


Perfect for One

Make it a Meal

Item Description Price
Sandwich & Cup of Soup OR Salad

Choice of sandwich & side


Choose Sandwich

Choose Side

Something New Every Week

Featured Family Package

Item Description Price
Slow Roasted Local Lamb w/ New Potatoes & Grilled Summer Squash (serves 2)
Roasted local lamb leg w/ garden herb red wine jus, new potatoes & grilled summer squash
Fresh Berry Pavlova (2)

Stay Home In Style

Family Meal Packages

Item Description Price
Family Meal Package #1 - Soup (serves 4)

2L of soup (selection based on availability) , 1 loaf of wild rice bread, 1 package of cookies


Choose Soup

Choose Cookies

Family Meal Package #3 - Quiche (serves 6)

10” whole quiche & organic baguette w/ fresh fruit OR house salad

Featuring – “Our Farm YXE” snap pea, local bacon, squash blossom and Parmigiano


Choose Side

Family Meal Package #4 - Charcuterie & Cheese (serves 2)

Charcuterie & Cheese Board w/ house pickles, preserves & mustard,
candied nuts, fresh fruit & organic baguette.
1 Bottle of Gérard Bertrand Corbières GSM.


Cook at Home

Handmade Pasta for 2

Item Description Price
Braised Beef, Blue Cheese & Arugula Tortellini

Pasta only – OR with browned honey butter, garden thyme & crispy leeks

Squid Ink Tagliatelle

Pasta only – OR with Ocean Wise prawns (10pc), garlic butter, parsley & white wine

Tagliolini 🍃

Pasta only – OR with house made Tunisian fire roasted organic tomato sauce w/ Taszia’s preserved lemon, capers, olives & cumin.

Walnut & Herbed Chèvre Ravioli 🍃

Pasta only – OR with garden arugula pesto & crispy onions


Cook Over Fire

Grill Kits

Item Description Price
Calories' Classic Beef Burgers (serves 2)
  • 2 local beef burgers
  • 2 house made brioche buns
  • aged cheddar cheese
  • house made ketchup & aioli
  • house pickles
  • leaf lettuce & tomato
Calories' Classic Lentil Burgers (serves 2)
  • 2 organic lentil burgers (pre-fried and ready to be broiled or grilled)
  • 2 house made brioche buns
  • aged cheddar cheese
  • house made ketchup & aioli
  • house pickles
  • leaf lettuce & tomato
Smokey Blue Bison Burgers (serves 2)
  • 2 local bison burgers
  • 2 house made brioche buns
  • St. Benoit du Lac smoked blue cheese
  • caramelized onion
  • house made garden rosemary aioli
  • leaf lettuce

Just Go For It

Cake by the Slice

Item Description Price
Apple Crumble Cheesecake *

Crushed walnut shortbread crust, cheesecake filling topped and baked with apples and oat crumble. Contains Walnuts

Carrot Cake *

Two layers of carrot cake filled and topped with cream cheese icing. Contains Walnuts

Chocolate Celebration Cake

Three layers of chocolate cake with our rich chocolate icing – made with local honey and Fairtrade cocoa!

Chocolate Pâté w/ Raspberry Sauce

Rich chocolate mousse, an individual slice – perfect to add to your meal order! Raspberry sauce on the side.

Chocolate Zucchini Bourbon Cake

Chocolate zucchini bundt cake studded with a bourbon orange glaze, finished with cream cheese icing.

Espresso Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake

Chocolate crust, espresso cheesecake filling with a swirl of dark chocolate ganache.

Flourless Chocolate Almond Torte *

Three layers of dense chocolate almond torte, filled with housemade sour cherry jelly, finished with icing sugar. Contains Almonds, Gluten Free

French Lemon Tart *

French lemon tart filling baked in our pâté sucrée shell. Contains Almonds

Glazed Fruit Cheesecake *

Shortbread crust, cheesecake filling with a hint of citrus, topped with fresh fruit and apricot nappage. Contains Almonds

Irish Cream Cheesecake

Graham crust, rich housemade Bailey’s cheesecake filling, topped with whipped cream.

Kahlua Hazelnut Torte *

Four layers of hazelnut sponge cake, finished with housemade kahlua Italian buttercream. Contains Hazelnuts

Lemon Curd Torte

Four layers of lemon butter cake, filled with lemon curd, finished with lemon Italian buttercream.

Local Raspberry & Saskatoon Berry Almond Tart *

Local raspberries & Saskatoons baked into our almond cream tart filling and pâté sucrée shell. Contains Almonds

New York Cheesecake w/ Saskatchewan Berry Compote

Graham crust, classic cheesecake filling, topped with whipped cream. Saskatchewan’s seasonal berry compote on the side.

Oreo Cheesecake

Chocolate crust, crushed Oreo cookies in our classic cheesecake filling, topped with chocolate ganache.

Raspberry Angelfood Cake w/ Raspberry Sauce *

Housemade angelfood baked with whole raspberries, finished with raspberry whipped cream. Raspberry sauce on the side. Contains Almonds 

Roasted Plum & Candied Ginger Cheesecake * GLUTEN FREE

Toasted walnut crust, cheesecake filling with a hint of ginger and swirled in roasted plums, topped with whipped cream. Contains Walnuts, Gluten Free

Shmoo Torte w/ Shmoo Sauce *

Housemade angelfood baked with crushed toasted pecans, filled and topped with caramelized pecan whipped cream. Shmoo sauce on the side. Contains Pecans

Sour Cream Apple Pie *

Granny Smith apple and sour cream filling, topped with walnut streusel and baked in our butter pastry. Contains Walnuts

Toffee Cheesecake

Graham crust, classic cheesecake filling, topped with our famous toffee sauce, finished with housemade rocca.

White Chocolate Cheesecake w/ Raspberry Sauce *

Almond shortbread crust, white chocolate cheesecake filling, topped with white chocolate ganache, finished with raspberry jam and sliced almonds on the outsides. Raspberry sauce on the side. Contains Almonds


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